Cleverly Designed Lip Gloss Can Be Used in The Dark

We’re excited about lip gloss today, and it’s not because we’re easily amused. Well, we are easily amused, but that’s not the point — this new lip gloss from Kelly Teegarden Organics is genuinely pretty rad for anyone who has had to live through applying lip gloss blindly late at night. I’m not sure how many people that actually describes, but if even one is saved, it will have been worth it.

The lip gloss itself isn’t groundbreaking, although if you insist on everything being made of all-natural ingredients, that’s what Kelly Teegarden Organics is promising. The real breakthrough here is the bottle, which is an all-in-one application machine made for the night. The brush cap is equipped with a small light bright enough to light up your lips, while the side of the bottle has a small mirror you can use to make sure your application is on point. With this stuff and smartphones, I think we can safely say that compact mirrors are on the way out. They had a good run.


Once you’re finished pouring one out for compact mirrors, you can head over to Kelly Teegarden, where you’ll find the lip gloss available in 15 colors for $20 per bottle.