Belkin Makes First Apple Watch Dock With Integrated Charging Plate – Review

chipchickpick1The Apple Watch accessory market hasn’t hit its stride yet, but it might be getting there — Belkin has finally filled one big gap by introducing a dock with an integrated charging plate, giving it a cleaner, more unified look than other docks that rely on your own Apple-supplied charger.

Belkin’s dock doesn’t try to clash with your Apple devices — the rectangular base has the familiar machined aluminum/silver color scheme going, while polished metal poles provide the support for your devices. Plural, because this dock can hang onto both your iPhone and your Apple Watch — there’s an integrated Lightning connector on the left side, with a pole extending out to the right with the round magnetic Apple Watch charging pad. And, this being the first dock to integrate an Apple Watch charger, it’s reassuring to know that this dock has the ‘Made for Apple Watch’ seal of approval based on Apple’s standards.

Finally, there is one nice additional feature — a dial that raises and lowers the Lightning connector. Belkin says you should be able to raise the Lightning connector high enough to make the dock work with almost any iPhone case on the market.

The Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone is available now directly from Belkin for $130.


Belkin’s Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone is our favorite Apple Watch dock to date. And while it might be pricier than most of the other ones out there,  considering that it packs in chargers for both your iPhone and Apple Watch, it’s a pretty good value. In addition, the dock is exceptionally well made with a sturdy base and an over all aesthetic that matches Apple’s product line to a T.

The nicest and smartest Apple Watch stand we’ve seen yet!

The Good: Excellent build quality, beautiful design matches Apple aesthetic, it charges both your iPhone and apple watch, fits iPhone with most cases.

The Bad: A bit pricey

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  1. I seriously doubt if this reviewer has an apple watch, that is the only explanation as to why a product with such an obvious design flaw would get such high ratings. Why would this be rated so highly if you can’t even use it in “nightstand mode”? To me this stand is already obsolete, so I will pass on it. The watch needs to be sideways with the crown on TOP if you want to use it in nightstand mode. This is a swing and a miss as far as I am concerned. The watch is made to rest in a stand with the crown up, not on the side. The picture I included was an $11 stand I got with the watch on it-in the correct orientation, with nightstand mode on.

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