12 Hot Stocking Stuffers – A Gift Guide

Stocking stuffers — the bonus round of the holiday season. All the big prizes have bee won, and now it’s time to get to the little things. Don’t think that means there’s any less pressure, though! The marquee gifts are nice, sure, but the stocking stuffers are the workmanlike, blue-collar gifts you’ll still be using come next holiday season, long after the glory gifts get left on the shelf somewhere. Fortunately, there’s never been a shortage of knick-knacks  in the tech industry, and that’s definitely still true this year.

Speck CandyShell Inked CSA iPhone Cases


No, CSA isn’t a shadowy government agency sticking security backdoors in your smartphone cases. It’s in reference to designer Charles Anderson, who has designed a hip, eclectic line of CandyShell Inked cases for the iPhone 6/6S. They’re all good, year-round cases that can be slipped on during any season and still look great. Granted, their lifespans will be limited to the lifespan of that new iPhone that will probably be your big gift this year, but hey, it’ll be fun while it lasts, and at least you know your Speck case will extend that lifespan. These cases are available for $50 each directly from Speck.

Mophie Power Reserve 1x Battery Pack


We can’t imagine a much better stocking stuffer than a portable external battery pack. Mophie’s Power Reserve is super compact and packs in enough power to charge a typical smartphone one time. It also comes in a fun selection of colors and costs just $34.95.

UR Powered Touchscreen Gloves for Women


UR Powered makes some of the most advanced touchscreen gloves you can find. These gloves are designed with 5 finger precise touch technology, allowing you to Zoom, Pinch, and Drag, while also keeping your hands warm. They are also available in a wide assortment of styles and colors. Pricing ranges from $54-75.

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6/6S Case


Back to lengthening iPhone lifespans, few cases are going to do so quite like this monster of a case from Urban Armor. It uses the same concept as the Speck CandyShell cases — hard outer layer with a soft, shock-absorbent inner layer — but is a lot thicker and tougher. It definitely looks that way, at least! If you’re not comfortable dropping your iPhone clad in this thing, you never will be. I guess that wouldn’t be a bad thing, though. Anyway, you can get the Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6/6S case from Amazon for about $23, or a more lightweight version directly from Urban Armor for $35.

Belkin Lightning to USB Clips


Belkin is making sure you’re never too far away from a lifeline for your iOS gadgets this year. Their more staid black keychain clip keeps the cable minimal, with two short cords protruding out of the clip for the USB and Lightning connectors. We like that they’ve dressed the concept up a little, too — they’ve taken the same keychain clip idea and added on some swanky leather tassels to make the clip a great purse accessory, with the connectors blending in with the leather. You can get either one from Target for $25.

Tylt Energi Smart Charger 6K


Here’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the consummate traveler — an all-in-one AC adapter for continental Europe, the UK and Ireland, and most outlets in Italy. That’s just the half of it, though — the Tylt Energi Smart Charger 6K also includes a 6,000 mAh battery, a USB drive, and a Micro USB connector, so you can charge up to two mobile devices at once. For the most mobile of the workers out there, this will instantly become their constant travel companion. You can get it for $80 directly from Tylt.

Toshiba Canvio Connect II


Storage just keeps getting cheaper. For anyone who has more music and HD movies than they know what to do with, you can get this massive hard drive from Toshiba on the cheap. The Canvio Connect II has built-in scheduled backup and remote access software, the latter of which allows you to upload files from any of your devices, including mobile devices, to your drive. The Canvio Connect II is available in capacities ranging from 500 GB to 3 TB in five colors. You can get one for between $55 and $125 on Amazon.

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