Misfit BaubleBar is the Gaudiest Activity Tracker Ever

As opposed to smartwatches, we don’t usually expect our fitness trackers to be this fashionable, but we’re not complaining. Misfit has partnered up with BaubleBar to create some jewelry-like lockets for bracelets and necklaces bearing the Misfit Flash, and the only thing we’re liking more than the looks is the name of the new line.
misfit-baublebar 2

The Helena Necklace and Helena Bracelet (brownie points scored with us) both feature the same locket, with a flower-like gold and diamond look that drives at something you’d see in a vintage shop. The necklace will come with a 32-inch oval-link chain, while the bracelet will come with a similar 6-inch oval-link chain. The lockets are sized to securely hold the Misfit Flash, one of Misfit’s latest sleep and activity trackers.

misfit-baublebar 3

Of course, you’re probably wondering why you’d get something this fancy-looking for a fitness tracker. The idea is that fitness trackers have become 24/7 devices — to get a complete picture of your health, you need to know as much about the steps you take on nights out as you do the stairs you climb and the runs you take during the day. When you’re exercising, there’s always the sport bands included with the Flash. But, when you’re ready to go out at night, you might not want to rock the silicone bands. That’s where accessories like these come in.

Both the Helena Necklace and Helena Bracelet will be available exclusively in Target stores as of November 29, both coming in at $70.