JBL Everest Elite 700 Bluetooth Headphone Review

chipchickpick1JBL recently released a new pair of premium headphones, the Everest Elite 700, and they’re loaded up with features! The Everest Elite 700s are over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones that boast a 15 hour rechargeable battery, noise cancelling, EQ tuning, fantastic portability, and more.

The Everest Elite 700s are over-ear headphones with large oval earcups that will completely encompass most large ears. The earcups have ultra soft padding wrapped in leather. The headphones have a beautiful matte finish available in black or white. Our black model is quite svelte. While they are relatively large headphones, they’re 3-fold collapsible and very portable. Each side of the headphones fold in towards the band and they fit snug in the included travel case. They’re not just portable, they’re durable too. While mostly plastic, they don’t feel “plasticky”. They have a premium look, feel, and build, with good heft. They’re dense with heavy duty metal hinges that should last the test of time.

The headband is adjustable and the underside is cushioned and rubberized. The outside of the headband rocks the premium soft matte finish.

Everest Elite 700s are Bluetooth headphones, so there’s no headphone cable required. They do, however, come with a headphone cable. There’s no battery power required to listen with the headphone cable. The cable even has a built-in ControlTalk with universal button and microphone. The cable is 2.5mm to 3.5mm, so it’s not exactly standard, but it wouldn’t be terribly hard to find a replacement. The 700s charge with the included Micro-USB cable, but it can charge with any Micro-USB cable. The included cable is actually pretty special since the full USB side is actually reversible (rare!). The battery will last up to 15 hours using noise cancelling and wireless bluetooth. It will last 25 hours if you’re using noise cancelling with the headphone cable.

There are controls built on to the outside of the earphone for controlling music and features. Right and left earphones are clearly labeled on the inner earcup. On the left earcup there’s a rocker button with volume up, volume down, and play/pause in the center. The up/down buttons double as track controls and the middle button can activate voice activation. On the right earcup is a similar looking rocker button. The top button is on/off/pair and the bottom button is the feature button that controls noise cancellation or awareness.

Bluetooth headphones aren’t new by any means, but the Everest Elite 700s have some really unique features. It’s one of the first pairs of headphones accompanied by an app that’s actually useful. With the app you can actually configure headphone settings, preferences, and even EQ sound settings. There’s an equalizer and presets so you can tune your Elites, and it remembers your tuning too! After you tune them to your liking, the settings work on any device, regardless of the app.

The “programmable smart button” that’s built into the ear cup controls one of two settings (as of now, at least). It can toggle The Elite’s NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling and turn noise cancellation on or off, or it can toggle between different levels of “Ambient Aware”. Ambient aware is a neat feature that allows you to hear your surrounds without taking off your headphones. It’s basically the opposite of noise cancellation. It’s useful when you want to hear something without taking off your headphones, like listening to an announcement, or enabling some street noise if you’re walking in a busy city. Since the noise cancellation is pretty lightweight, and generally preferable, I’ve set my smart button as ambient aware. The smart button actually has one more trick up its sleeve: if you hold it down it enables a “TruNote Auto Sound Calibration” that bounces sound off your ears to determine the best listening setting.

Features aside, these JBL Everest Elite 700 are all-around awesome headphones. They sound as premium as they look and feel. Of course they come with JBL’s “Legendary Pro Audio Sound”, and it’s pretty impressive if you’re looking to get into more premium audio. The audio signature has a very full and smooth sound to it, with no EQ settings. The bass is incredible, it’s really natural, punchy, and you can hear it and feel it without it overwhelming the music. By default, the bass has a really nice weight to it, and there’s an EQ Prefix called “Bass” if you really want to take it to the next level. The mids are really rich and detailed. Vocals stand out with a lot of clarity. I don’t even bother changing my EQ settings, they’re tuned really pleasantly by default. These headphones are really generous to all genres, some uppity Daft Punk sounded just as amazing as some lower-key Beatles. The acoustics can really blow your mind.

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