Powered Geek Box November 2015 – Review and Coupon Code

November’s Power Geek Box was a solid one, but definitely not one of its best to date. That said, inside we found an assortment of fun items from some popular geeky franchises, along with some retro inspired paraphernalia.

Here’s what we found in November’s box:

    • G.I Joe Cobra Command Logo T-Shirt
    • Doctor Who Adipose Vinyl Fig by Funko Pop! – Get your very own lardy, parasitic creature from the popular sci-fi series.
    • Family Guy Drinking Dice Game – Get your roll on with this exceptionally entertaining dice-driven drinking game.
    • Guinness World Records Build Your Own Flying UFOs – Build unto four UFOs of different sizes, each powered by a rubber band-driven propellor.
    • Touch Control Joystick for Touchscreens and Stress Controller by Asobu – for all the old school gamers out there!
    • Tetris Magnets – another vintage piece.
    • Assorted Candies

Overall, our favorite items in November’s box were the Doctor Who Adipose Vinyl Fig and the Touch Control Joystick.

The Power Geek Box comes in two sizes: the “Deluxe” Box for $16.95 and the “Premium” Box for $25.45. We reviewed the Premium box here. Each month expect to receive a box full of unexpected geeky goodies and a guaranteed monthly t-shirt.

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