VTech’s Cordless Phone Monitors Your Home With Sensors

As smart home technology is finding its way into more and more lives, many of us are left unsure about what home monitoring solution is the best for us and our homes. With so many different solutions available, it can feel very overwhelming to find a smart home system that works for you.

With simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, VTech has created their Wireless Monitoring System which includes a cordless phone system that can double as your smart home command center, alerting you to problems in the home with the use of simple and customizable sensors.

Unlike other solutions currently on the market, VTech’s Wireless Monitoring System uses Ultra Low Energy (ULE) technology, the new standard for wireless devices based on the DECT 6.0 platform, which provides greater reliability and range with reduced interference. The ULE-enabled devices are simple to install and use, making the move to a smart home easier than ever!
Like all good smart home technology, these sensors work to make your life easier. Are you in the habit of running around the house making sure all the windows, doors, and the garage door are shut before turning in for the night? Or maybe just worrying at night that a door was left open? No need with this connected home phone system — you can customize and place ULE sensors on each of those entrances, and the base of the cordless phone system will provide text and audio alerts if any of them are opened during the times that you schedule. Not only will you know that your home is secure before going to bed, you’ll also get alerts at night if any of the sensors detect a change in status.

VC7151 HouseGraphic

It’s not just for home monitoring, either — you can get alerts when something has been left open for too long as well, making it a great addition to your freezer or refrigerator. Considering the system can accommodate up to 400 sensors, there’s almost no limit to what you can add these sensors to.

Whether you’re out on vacation or simply running errands, you don’t need to worry about missing alerts, either. VTech’s new cordless phone system can forward alerts to other phone numbers, including your mobile phone. If a door is unexpectedly opened while you’re not home, you’ll be alerted immediately and will know exactly which ULE-connected sensor was triggered.
There are no monthly fees or contract to make this system work, either —just connect the phone to your home phone line, set up the sensors, program your custom schedules, and you’re done! If there’s ever anything amiss, your cordless phone system will let you know, giving you peace of mind and making your end-of-night routine that much more relaxing.

At its core, it’s a full-featured cordless phone, too. You can pair up to five cordless handsets with the base, and there’s battery backup available in case the power goes out. You can also program 50 names and numbers into the phone and set up call monitoring Better yet, there’s voice announce caller ID — the phone will read out the name and number of who’s calling, so you’ll know if you should answer before getting up. It also features speakerphones in the handset and base, nine number speed dial and up to 22 minutes of message recording time.

The VTech VC7151-109 Wireless Monitoring System with Cordless Phone comes with a garage door sensor and an open/closed sensor. You can get this bundle directly from VTech for $120, and if you need more sensors, you can buy garage door sensors and open/closed sensors individually for $30 each. You can also buy motion sensors for $50 for even more security at night or while you’re away. It’s a simple addition that will make your smart home that much smarter.

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