MyCharge Has A Charging Stand for the Whole Apple Family, Including the Watch

We’ll start off by saying that having too many gadgets to charge is, all things considered, one of the best problems to have. But, it’s a problem nonetheless, and it’s inspired plenty of accessory makers to come up with some great solutions. The latest one is from myCharge, which has taken a simple slotted charging stand and tastefully added on an Apple Watch charging stand to the front.

The PowerNest Ultra is the more premium charging stand from myCharge, in both looks and functionality. At its core, it’s a charging hub — it takes up one socket on a wall outlet and provides three USB (not Type-C) charging ports. It can deliver 6A of charge at once, meaning it can route enough power to charge an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch at the same time and quickly. There are two slots on the main body that can accommodate either iPads or iPhones of any size, while the Apple Watch charging stand can be pulled out from the front end. That stand holds up the Watch in landscape and at an angle that makes it easy to read and interact with.

It’ll look great on desks and nightstands, too. The PowerNest Ultra eschews plain colors for your choice of a brushed nickel or wood grain finish, giving it a more premium, professional look, making it a good choice for the office, as well as the home.

The PowerNest Ultra has a clean presentation and does a good job of hiding at least a few charging wires, making desks look a little more tidy. It should be available from myCharge sometime in April for $80. They’ll also be selling the PowerNest (seen below), which comes in black or white and replaces the Apple Watch charging stand with a third charging slot for a phone or tablet. That will cost $40.

PowerNest Bedside - July 29 - 2 copy

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  1. Cool stand. Really nice gadgets coming out for apple. Big fan of the Lumiy Lightline LED Desk lamp. Its got USB charging and the shape allows you to hang headphones on it as well.