25 DIY Disney Costume Tutorials

Who says you have to wait until Halloween to let your inner Disney Princess shine? With these incredible Disney-themed sewing tutorials, you can rock royal looks all year ’round. If the clothes make the man (or woman), then get ready to have society mistake you for a true princess! Go ahead and get Disney designing below:

Snow White

Photo by Benny Lee, via Ridd1e/Instructables

These incredibly detailed directions will help you reconstruct Snow White’s whole look, from her dress right down to her shoes. Cape? Check. Collar? Check. Bow? Check. Woodland creatures? Sold separately.


Photo via Mezzo Couture

Prince Charming’s jaw will drop when he sees you in this glittery Cinderella number! A boned front, piped bodice, and cap sleeves? This dress is a work of art fit for a real princess.


Photo via melindascostumes

This Alice dress is truly spot on, looking just like what she wears in the Disney movie. Check the attention to detail: a blue collar, bloomers, and white petticoat. The trifecta!

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