Vans and Nintendo Team Up for the Retro Mashup of Your Dreams

Let’s not mince words — Nintendo’s hard up for cash. Sales are down, profits are down, and the Wii U has been enough of a flop that Nintendo already has its successor ready for release next spring. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that we’ve been getting way more officially licensed Nintendo merch than before. Nintendo introduced their interactive Amiibo figurines to much success, and Nintendo’s been working on plenty of other brand partnerships, too. There’s even a Nintendo Land in development at Universal Studios Japan. Their latest project is a partnership with Vans that celebrates Nintendo’s 8-bit heyday.


The collection, which is said to be launching next month, includes low-top and high-top Vans sneakers and slip-ons decorated with classic Nintendo iconography. We’ve got plenty of 8-bit sprites from The Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong. The must-have pair has to be that pair of camo Duck Hunt sneakers, though. On top of those, there’s a pair decorated with NES controllers, a slew of characters from Mario games, and a pink shoe dedicated to Princess Peach.


The full slate of shoes hasn’t been revealed yet, but you can sign up for email notifications from Vans when the collection becomes available. We’d recommend it, because these are almost certainly going to be limited edition kicks.

Via Sole Collector

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