Someone Turned Everyone in Captain America: Civil War Into Anime Girls

So, if you need a backgrounder, there’s a whole video game and anime series called The Idolmaster (or THE iDOLM@STER, if you prefer). It’s like with sports games, when you do the career mode and you create your own player, and then they become a super rad Hall of Famer and win tons of championships, except this is with J-Pop stars. I’m not actually sure that comparison works, but I’m confident enough to stick with it.

Anyway, Bin1 Production is a lot more familiar with The Idolmaster than I am, and has shown off that estimable knowledge by subbing the anime pop stars in for the Marvel superheroes populating Captain America: Civil War. If my limited amount of time watching anime has taught me anything, though, it’s that anime girls are the most versatile and broadly skilled of all people, so I’m pretty sure this is all par for the course.


It checks out to me. The ones standing in for Iron Man and Captain America look angry enough, and while I’m surprised at the lack of red crosses on the foreheads, I respect the tasteful restraint. Also, that shot of the Scarlet Witch is actually pretty neat, so props for that. Bin1 Productions dumped a ton of images on their Twitter account, then cut a trailer for good measure. We’re assuming the feature length adaptation is in the works.

Via Geek x Girls