Bose Has Created a DIY Speaker Cube to Help Kids Learn About Sound

Here’s something unexpected — Bose has gotten on board with the maker movement to make an intuitive, educational product for kids in the form of a DIY speaker. The BoseBuild Speaker Cube comes disassembled, encouraging kids (and adults) to put together their own speaker, learning about just what makes a speaker a speaker in the process.


While good audio is easy enough to pick out, what goes into producing good audio is a little more mysterious, and usually involved arcane terms and proprietary technologies with fancy names that don’t usually get coupled with robust explanations. Bose is trying to demystify speakers with BoseBuild, giving this speaker cube the Lego treatment. BoseBuild comes with a magnet, a coil, the speaker diaphragm and cone, the circuit board, and a power supply, plus the side panels that form the cabinet. The circuit board is way more clearly labeled than the usual circuit board, which is great for learners trying to figure out what’s going on under the hood for the first time. It’s only powered by the included power supply, though — Bose likely decided against using a separate battery out of concern for safety, which was probably the right call.

But, BoseBuild isn’t just a paint-by-numbers building affair. The speaker is paired with an app that not only provides detailed directions, but explains what each part does as it’s connected to the greater whole. The whole experience helps teach learners not only how a speaker is put together, but how it actually recreates audio — something that almost seems magical at at times.


Oh yeah, and you get a pretty decent speaker out of the deal. The BoseBuild Speaker Cube, when completed, can be used with mobile devices using a wired connection or wirelessly over Bluetooth. There are also lighting effects that can be programmed, along with silhouette cards that can be slipped into the walls of the cube for decoration.

The BoseBuild Speaker Cube is available from Bose now for $150.