25 Magical Ways to Disney Up Your Nails

Summer is full of sunshine, and a perfect time to step up your manicure game! You will be turning heads and having everyone ask you what the occasion is when you ditch your usual nail art for one of these stunning Disney-inspired looks below! Read on for some inspiration on how to liven up your nails that would make your favorite Disney princess proud!

Evil Queen

Devilishly glamorous, this intricate nail art showcases the Evil Queen from Snow White. I think the nails filed down to a point exemplify the villainous nature of the design!

Get Buffed Nails – Facebook/Instagram



I’ve never even seen a nail piercing until I saw this jaw dropping manicure inspired by Ariel herself! The textures, colors, and details on this are unreal. And so is that piercing!

Stephs Nails – Instagram


Amy Loves New Wave

The dark moody colors, Bagheera’s facial expression, and the glitter make this Jungle Book look perfect! Bagheera is one of my favorite Disney animals, and this nail artist really brings him to life!

Amy Loves New Wave – Blog/Facebook/Instagram

Disney Princesses

Pink & Polished Nails

Subtle and sweet, I love how this nail art incorporates princess silhouettes and leaves the rest to your imagination.

Pink & Polished Nails – Blog/Facebook/Instagram

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