Hey, Sprint Wants to Give You a Free iPhone 7, Too

Free iPhone 7 deals all over the place! T-Mobile is giving the things out, and now Sprint is doing the same. The only problem is the Sprint network, but that might be OK considering their monthly plans are now way better than what T-Mobile is offering.

Like with the T-Mobile deal, Sprint is taking any working iPhone from the iPhone 6 onward (no water damage, no screen cracks) and giving out a free 32 GB iPhone 7 in return. But, they’re going one step further by accepting the not-at-all old Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, too. Those two are the only Android phones that would still have comparable resale value to an iPhone, but man, you’ve got to really be disappointed by Samsung’s efforts this year to jump ship that quickly (the unfortunate Note 7 aside).

We’re looking at the exact same deal structure, too — the iPhone 7 will show up on your bill for 24 months, with Sprint giving you a credit against the monthly cost of the iPhone 7 until it’s been paid off. Switch to another carrier, and you’ll have to pay off the balance. The advantage over T-Mobile is that Sprint’s unlimited data plan is priced slightly better for individuals plans, and that they’ve still retained their cheaper non-unlimited plans. They’re also offering to set you up with a plan comparable to that of another carrier, but for 50 percent off. That second one is a bit worse than it sounds, though, as it excludes things like unlimited music and video streaming and tethering allotments that those other carriers provide.

Sprint has made no mention of the iPhone 7 Plus or other storage capacities for the iPhone 7, so we’re not sure if those are being discounted in the same way as T-Mobile is doing. We’ll find out for sure tomorrow — like with T-Mobile, this deal launches tomorrow and runs out when supply does.

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