15 Geeky Halloween Costumes You Will See Everywhere This Year

It wouldn’t be Halloween without costumes for the geek crowd now would it? And, according to the National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Top Costumes Survey, the 11-year reign of princesses ruling Halloween is over. Now, it’s all about the superheroes! Not only that, but Star Wars is holding down the fifth spot, while Batman characters alone account for number four. Not surprising, considering we had Star Wars, Star Trek and a handful of Marvel movies all hit the theater in the last year. So, believe us when we say you can bet you will be seeing a lot of these costume ideas, including a few not-so-geeky — let’s call them seasonal — picks. Too many probably. Happy Halloween!

Harley Quinn


She was the shining light in Suicide Squad. Although you can buy her costume, it would actually be pretty easy to recreate at home (just borrow the skirt from your ’90s Britney Spears costume and go crazy with your makeup).

Halloween Costumes.com – $60



One of the greatest female heroines to hit the big screen in a long time, you can bet this will be a popular one.

Halloween Costumes.com – $45

Captain America


It wouldn’t be Halloween without the Captain.

Halloween Costumes.com – $45



With the female version coming out this summer, you’ll see double the amount of Ghostbusters this Halloween!

Halloween Costumes.com – $70

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