The Kanex GoPower USB-C is a Portable Battery for the 12″ MacBook

Not only does the 12″ MacBook use a USB Type-C cable for charging, it comes with a charging cable with Type-C connectors on both ends (as opposed to a more familiar Type-A connector on one end). To use things like docks and external batteries, we’ve had to wait until the usual third-party vendors came out with some great USB Type-C peripherals. We’ve already seen some great docks from Satechi and Minix, and now there’s a solid external battery pack from Kanex. Their GoPower USB-C is a compact battery pack that can be used with the 12″ MacBook or any of your other mobile devices.


The GoPower USB-C has a 15,000 mAh battery inside. That’s pretty large, so it’s nice to see that Kanex has successfully made it compact. At 6.25″ x 7.75″ x 1.59″, it’s been made longer and flatter for easy packing (although it’s still quite a bit thicker than the MacBook itself). Besides the Type-C charging port, there’s a second Type-C port to charge the battery pack itself, plus a regular USB Type-A port for use with any smartphone or tablet you might have with you. The GoPower USB-C also has pass-though charging, so you can keep both devices charging if need be.

The 15,000 mAh battery is large enough to charge the 12″ MacBook once over, which is great — the MacBook doesn’t quite get all day battery life, so the GoPower USB-C should help keep the MacBook topped off while having enough spare power to keep your smartphone going. The 15,000 mAh capacity is large enough to charge most premium 2016 phones four to five times over, so it should be the only battery pack you need when you’re working remotely.


The Kanex GoPower USB-C battery pack is available now for $100 and comes in a silver color that matches the space grey MacBook.

The Good: Is able to provide one full charge to the 12” MacBook, can also charge the iPad Pro as well as most tablets and mobile devices, sleek design, has a convenient built in LED battery status indicator

The Bad: One color choice only, takes several hours to charge fully so you’ll have to leave it charging overnight, does not come with a wall charger