Join Stark Academy and Complete Avenger Missions with Ozobot Evo Marvel Skins

You can now choose from Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, or Ultron skins for the Ozobot Evo Robot. Once the skin is attached to the Evo Robot, you can join Stark Academy on the App and complete missions with your in-character Evo Avenger. They take on the personality and behavior of each character making for a fun and varied gaming and learning experience.


Interactive missions at Stark Academy involve races and challenges to be the hero, protect Planet Earth, and defeat the bad guy all while learning some skills in the process. Each character displays their own unique personality through specialized animations, movements, LED colors, and dialogue entirely unique to that character.

Each Evo Avenger has user control range of 30 ft, color and line detection, infrared proximity sensing and collision detection. This makes for a very responsive and interactive playing dynamic with about 45 minutes of playing time. This kind of interactive play is not overly restrictive. Rather, the child can choose from letting the Evo act autonomously, using direct controlled guidance from a smartphone or tablet, or even learning some basic programming using color codes, called OzoBlocky. You can also bust out the markers to complete your missions with paper and color coding.

Individual skins sell for $29.95 and the master pack includes 1 Evo and 1 Marvel Skin and sells for $124.95 at Ozobot. What a fun way to introduce and cultivate programming aptitude in our little ones.

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