Barbie’s Latest Gender-Defying Career is as a Construction Worker

The Builder Doll even comes with a Mega Bloks playset!

Every year, Barbie learns a few new professions — throughout her life, she’s worn many hats. Her latest hat is a hard one, with Barbie coming on as a construction worker with the help of Mega Bloks.

Barbie looks the part, clad in jeans, a yellow safety vest, a tool belt and, of course, a pink hard hat. Mattel probably could have stopped there, but hey, what’s construction worker Barbie without something to construct?

Barbie® Builder Doll & Playset Asst FCP76

Barbie called in fellow Mattel toy line Mega Bloks — I’m assuming they gave her a good price on materials. The Barbie Builder Doll comes with Mega Construx micro-bricks and mini-blocks, along with instructions to build a beach house or a treehouse. Of course, kids can build whatever they want, which might necessitate more building materials down the road. Sorry parents, you’re on the hook for those costs.

Construction is one of many roles Barbie is taking on at Toy Fair this year. We also spotted a martial artist, a skateboarder, a lab tech, a chef, a guitarist, a farmer, a vet, and a handful of others. In other words, Barbie’s not stopping until she gets all of the degrees. Better yet, all of those dolls will be available in the multiple skin tones and body types that Mattel has introduced over the past few years.

As for the Builder Barbie playset, that will be coming to toy stores in the fall for $20.