Loot Crate’s Quarterly Sanrio Gift Box Review

Loot Crate’s quarterly Sanrio small gift box is a bundle of Kawaii fun

Loot Crate’s Sanrio Small Gift box is just too much Hello Kitty cute to handle! Packed with $75 worth of Sanrio goodness, we got to check out the box from last November. Our box also came a high-quality denim tote shopping bag that says “Friend of the Month” on it and has a “Friend of the Month,” pin collection display board inside it. We’re off to a good start, and we haven’t even opened the box yet!

Unboxing this Loot Crate is just plain fun. It comes in a cute little black box that has a bow and ribbon printed on it. After opening that darkly colored box, there is a refreshing burst of bright anime colors. The box starts things off right with good vibes that say “big smile,” over a happy Hello Kitty scene, with the contents playfully hidden behind themed paper held together with a sticker. They really nail presentation with this box.

Pull the beautiful themed paper apart and inside you discover a Hello Sanrio pocket tee, a Hello Kitty Sparkle Figure, a Hello Sanrio notebook, Hello Sanrio scented erasers, a Hello Sanrio friends pen, a Hello Sanrio pouch, a Hello Kitty bag charm or keychain, and a Gudetama bag charm.

The pocket tee is big and loungy, a soft material perfect for sleepy anime binge watching. The keychain comes in a little black box set in a red cushion (again just totally nailing the display), and the keychain is sturdy and durable, not flimsy. The only flimsy item in the pack was the bag charm. The charm features the always lazy Gudetama, but true to his eggy self, he would be smashed within minutes on a bag, since the charm is extremely delicate. Maybe keep him on your desk instead.

The notebook features decorated pages on the inside along with raised Sanrio stickers, and was plenty of fun to use. The Sanrio pouch makes a great on-the-go makeup container or cord tech bag. The pen is just plain adorable. The scented erasers are cute and not too smelly. Finally, the Hello Kitty sparkle figure makes a great gift to the nieces in the family. That is what is fun with these boxes. There is plenty of fun to share and also to keep to yourself.

This Loot Crate completely lives up to the hype of what they advertise it to be. Sometimes with these boxes you see a beautifully marketed box only to receive it and have it look like a pile of random junk. Not with the Sanrio Small Gift box. Every part of unboxing is fun, and each piece is presented in an eye-pleasing way. This would make a good gift for a friend, or you could try what we did, which was to parse out the Loot Crate goods as prizes for party games. At a $75 value for $35, you can’t beat this collection.

The Loot Crate Sanrio Small Gift box is a quarterly box filled with different surprises in every shipment. If you just want one box, it’ll cost you $35. You can also subscribe to get two or four boxes, which will bring the cost per box to $34 and $32, respectively. You can specify your shirt and shoe size, too, so definitely keep expecting adorable apparel if you sign up!