The Big 4 Carrier Unlimited Data Plans Compared: Which Unlimited Plan is the Best?

We look at the ever-changing unlimited wireless plans from the big four.

The last six months have seen T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T all reintroduce widely available unlimited wireless plans. The competition has been so fierce that those plans have all been changing what seems like every week, as all four try to add more features at lower prices.

The result has been great deals for families, although most of the plans are still a bit too pricey for individual people (who might be better off going prepaid). But, for anyone who wants to get on a family plan (friends, keep in mind that everyone has to have the same area code), the new unlimited plans are worth considering — if you can pin down exactly what the carriers are offering during any given week. We’ll try to help by keeping this guide updated as news about the major unlimited plans comes in.

As always, choosing a carrier comes down to coverage in your area as much as price and features — PC Mag has a long-running Fastest Mobile Networks feature that can help you learn more about how fast each network is in your area on average. OpenSignal has crowdsourced, real-time coverage maps for each network, to help you gauge how good the reception for each network is in your area.

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First up: T-Mobile….

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