Carmen Sandiego May Be Coming to Netflix Soon

Insiders are saying that Gina Rodriguez will voice Carmen Sandiego in a new animated series.

I’m pretty sure it’d be easier to just list the things from the ’90s that haven’t been brought back yet. The latest nostalgia trip could be the return of everyone’s favorite well-traveled, big-hatted thief. It’s being reported that Netflix is bringing back Carmen Sandiego as an animated series, with Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez lending her voice to the project.

The Carmen Sandiego franchise follows (or desperately tries to) the titular thief, whose passion for thievery is matched only by her passion for travel. The ’80s computer games formed the basis for everything that came after — a focus on education and geography for kids.

While Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? got its start with those computer games, most ’90s kids will remember her from the kids game show, which ran from 1991 to 1996. The ’90s were a golden age for kids game shows, and while the PBS game show might not have been on the level of Legends of the Hidden Temple (what was?), it was a hit with kids who really wanted to show they knew Angola from Andorra. The contestants would use their knowledge of geography to solve puzzles and track down Carmen’s underlings before trying to catch Carmen herself in the final round.

An animated series also aired on Fox during the ’90s, and it’s more of that that we’ll be in for — it sounds like the new Netflix series will be an animated series, not a game show. The Tracking Board is reporting that Netflix has ordered 20 episodes, and that Gina Rodriguez is already on board to voice Carmen. While kids won’t be competing for the chance to track her down, the show is still said to have an emphasis on education.

The report hasn’t been confirmed by other sources yet, and Netflix hasn’t officially said anything, so there’s still a chance this could be nothing. But, with the reverence currently held for the ’90s, we have to think this rumor has legs. After about 20 years of laying low, it looks like it’s time for another (educational!) international crime spree to begin!