This Turntable is Made of Trash and Bamboo – and It’s Awesome

Eco-friendly brand House of Marley has made good use of recycled materials to create their first turntable.

With enthusiasts swearing by the sound and all things retro being very much in, turntables and vinyl records are in the middle of a revival. House of Marley is the latest company to get in on the action, and they’re proving that their eco-friendly reputation is warranted. The Stir it Up turntable is made of sustainably sourced materials, and that includes things that people probably tossed in the trash (or the ocean) at some point.

Design is front and center here. House of Marley has used bamboo for the casing, which is joined by a couple of materials that the brand has used in their other audio products (like their headphones). Their Regrind rubber is made from recycled silicone rubber and is used on the platter, while the Rewind fabric on the dust cover is made from hemp, cotton, and plastic bottles that had been trashed — shades of what Adidas just did with a new pair of sneakers.

But, the sustainability cred doesn’t just come from the materials. House of Marley has used a replaceable .5″ mount cartridge from Audio-Technica, so you can pop in a new one if that cartridge wears out down the road. The turntable also has a metal tone arm and an aluminum alloy platter that can handle 45 RPM and 33 RPM vinyl records. The pre-amp can be connected to any speaker system using a 3.5 mm cable.

And, like most newly made turntables, there are some modern conveniences. It’s possible to record vinyl tracks as mp3s using a USB connection, although I’d imagine if you’re passionate enough about vinyl to buy a turntable, you probably hear mp3s in your nightmares.

House of Marley plans to launch the Stir it Up turntable on Earth Day — April 22. It’ll be $230, but you can throw down $250 to get a bundle including the turntable and Bob Marley’s Legend on 12″ vinyl.