Sprint is Giving Away the iPhone 7 for Free With a Trade-In

If spring cleaning includes getting rid of old tech, here’s your best chance to upgrade.

If your old phone has gotten a bit too janky for your liking, Sprint is making it worth your while to upgrade. Today, the carrier announced that they’ll be giving away the iPhone 7 for free with a trade-in and, of course, with you switching to Sprint.

The freebie in this deal is a 32 GB iPhone 7, but it’s not quite as straightforward as Sprint handing you the phone for free. Once you switch to Sprint and trade in your current smartphone (list of eligible phones here), Sprint will give you a bill credit for what you would be charged if you chose to pay off the phone using 18 monthly payments, and those credits won’t kick in until a couple months after activation. That means you won’t be able to get the phone, then immediately switch away from Sprint — not only will the credit be delayed, you’ll be charged for the full price of the phone if you switch from Sprint before those 18 months are up. No gaming the system!

But, if it’s the iPhone 7 you want to dump, that can happen sooner. Sprint still has their iPhone Forever plan, which allows for early upgrades to the next generation of iPhone after 12 months. It might be hard to be patient, though — sounds like Apple has something pretty intense planned for the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because both T-Mobile and Sprint had similar deals when the iPhone 7 launched last year. Sprint is now firing up the promotion again, so we’ll see if T-Mobile responds in kind.

The deal comes shortly after Sprint tinkered with their unlimited plan again, keeping a single line at $50 while cutting down two lines to $80 total. With four lines available for $120, Sprint has the cheapest unlimited plan, although those prices aren’t permanent — they’ll hike up to $60/$100/$160 for one, two, and four lines, respectively, starting June 2018.