Coach’s NASA Space Collection is Out of This World

The collection of handbags, accessories, and apparel takes cues from space age NASA.

When Coach announced they were buying Kate Spade, there was a contingent that worried about Coach scrubbing away Kate Spade’s quirkiness. Well, it’s too soon to tell what changes will come about because of the acquisition, but at least for this month, it looks like the effect is going in the opposite direction. Revealed earlier this month, Coach’s new space collection has just the right amount of kitsch, thanks to some retro NASA references and goofy, X-Files-style charm.

The collection isn’t quite cosmic in scope, but there’s a lot to go through! They’ve got the expected handbags, clutches, and cross-body bags, along with shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, jackets, charms, pins, wallets — they really went all out! Everything is retro space-themed, reminding us that despite Elon Musk’s best efforts, the space age is something that existed in the past.

There’s a lot of old school NASA here, too, with Coach using the ’70s-era worm-style logo that temporarily replaced the blue circle we all know and love. The X-Files even gets what sure seems like a direct reference, with a little “I believe” UFO patch used on some of the bags. The space shuttle and planet Earth figure prominently, too. Then there’s the space-faring T-rex, because why not?

The centerpiece is a turquoise pebble leather handbag that doubles up on the UFO patches. It’s a pretty fun bag — Coach has been called boring by those youngsters lately, so maybe this is one way they’re responding. Then again, the prices aren’t exactly millennial-friendly. The whole collection is being released under the luxury Coach 1941 line, and Coach wants you to know it — that handbag goes for a little under $900.