Fidget Spinner Madness Has Even Reached Nail Art

The best new trend of probably the whole decade has made it to fingernails.

Now that humanity has discovered the ultimate weapon to fight boredom, it’s incumbent upon all of us to spread it to all aspects of life. One beauty vlogger agrees, and she’s done the bored people of the world a solid by miniaturizing the new hotness to fit on fingernails.

Beauty vlogger Natasha Lee has broken down how to make the mini fidget spinners on her YouTube channel in a new tutorial. And let’s be clear, Lee isn’t messing around here. She’s brought out loads of her professional tools to make a legitimately spinny (and sparkly!) fidget spinner, using acrylic for the shape before using flies and pins to refine the shape and the holes on the arms and center.

She uses a pin and a small bead in that center hole for the spinning part — using some pro nail glue, the other end of the pin gets stuck right to the nail, holding the mini fidget spinner in place.

I don’t care what anyone else says, this is an awesome use of the fidget spinner. You never know when overwhelming boredom is going to strike, so it’s only logical to have a fidget spinner in a place that is literally always accessible. That’s the kind of forethought we can get behind!

Via High Snobiety