Huawei P10 Review

Huawei’s new flagship is super stylish, and it’s colorful too.


Huawei, to their credit, does a really good job at listening to feedback. Their EMUI overlay was getting skewered, and they fixed most of its problems. The P9 got docked for looking a little plain, and the company responded with lots of color options and distinctive textured backs. But, for such an expensive phone, the P10 still cuts too many corners — there are simply too many competing phones with higher contrast displays, longer battery life, and sharper cameras. But, this might be something Huawei gets figured out soon — they know how to make a terrific smartphone, because the Mate 9 is one of the best productivity phones on the market.

If you just want a premium phone that can also be a head-turner, the P10 delivers

All that said, it’s really a difference in degrees. If you just want a premium phone that can also be a head-turner, the P10 delivers (I’m a fan of the green color they used on one model, some may disagree). It’s also smaller and easier to fit into a pocket than some of the other larger phones, which is a nice plus. But, as always, looking great will cost you — the Huawei P10 retails for €650, with price varying by region. Although the Mate 9 made it to the United States, Huawei has no plans to bring the P10 here.

The Good: Beautiful slim design with Textured back on some models that looks and feels great, solid premium performance, huge improvements to the EMUI software, great color options

The Bad: So-so battery life, camera struggles in low-light conditions, display lags behind premium competitors, unimpressive speakers

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