Oreo Wants You To Come Up With Their Next Flavor, and it Could Get You $500,000

Have you been waiting to share your conviction that pizza roll Oreos are the next big thing? Good news! That’s the kind of genius that could make you a half million. Oreo kicked off their My Oreo Creation contest this week, soliciting flavor ideas from the good dunkers of the world in the hopes of finding a few hits for 2018, including a grand prize winner that will earn $500,000 for their trouble.

From now until July 14, anyone in the U.S. can make up a new Oreo flavor, slap the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest on there, and put them up on Instagram or Twitter. Oreo, no doubt keen to make sure people will want to actually eat the new flavors, will put the ideas up for a fan vote. The winner will get $500,000, while three finalists getting $25,000 each. Oreo plans to put all four flavors into production in 2018.


Need some inspiration? Ellie Kemper and some friends got together to come up with a few ideas, so if you’re going to win $500,000, you’re going to have to at least do better than mango coconut, blueberry pancake, and chocolate mousse and raspberries, and you’re going to have to come up with a sweet name to match.

You can also look to this year’s new flavor, which should appear in stores soon. It’s quite a departure from last year’s flavor — the Firework Oreos have little popping candies inside the usual creme, instead of the soaked-in-sugar Swedish Fish cookies.

Via AdWeek