Uniqlo is Dropping an Awesome Nintendo T-Shirt Collection Later This Month

Uniqlo has chosen 25 designs from their Grand Prix design competition, representing many Nintendo games from over the years.

Nintendo is in right now. The switch is off to a fast start, and now they’ve got a brand new T-shirt collection courtesy of Uniqlo. Get familiar, because whether you wear them or not, you’ll be seeing a lot of these T-shirts this summer.

The Uniqlo + Nintendo collection is 25 designs strong, and they’re all from Uniqlo’s Grand Prix design competition, which looks for artist submissions that can become real T-shirts. This year’s competition was Nintendo themed, and as we know well, there’s no shortage of amazing fan artists out there ready to toss their red hats into the ring.

The collection features shirts from Super Mario BrosThe Legend of ZeldaPokémonSplatoonStar FoxDonkey KongMetroidKirby, Pikmin and Animal Crossing. The grand prize winner, from Takashi Kawazoe of Japan, was understandably bankable — a leaping 8-bit Mario on a red or white background. Shino Yamazaki of Japan took second with a color-splashed squid in a nod to the newer Splatoon series, which debuted on the Wii U. Third place was from David Ricardo Flores Gomez of Mexico, who created a really cool Zelda scene spanning the overworld and a dungeon below.

Here are a handful of our favorites, including a super rad version of Peach we can get behind, a magical take on Kirby, and the cutest use of a front T-shirt pocket ever!

The whole collection is rolling out internationally, and will be arriving in Uniqlo stores across the United States on May 19.