Our 10 Favorite Games of E3 2017

Ubisoft and Nintendo led the way at this year’s show.

While the Xbox One X impressed with raw power last week, we all know hardware doesn’t mean anything without games. That’s what E3 is really all about, and while this year’s show was perhaps a little light on surprises and big reveals compared to years past, there was still plenty to get excited about. Here’s what we’re looking forward to playing the most — even if we might have to wait a couple years to play some of these.


Nintendo proved they were serious about competition at E3 this year with ARMS. Don’t let the cartoony characters fool you — this zany boxing game out now for the Nintendo Switch has enough depth to sustain a competitive scene for years to come.

Sea of Thieves

You won’t be sailing alone in this lighthearted pirate adventure — in Sea of Thieves, teams of four players will link up online to form pirate crews. There’s buried treasure to dig up and skeletons to fight off, but the game really comes into its own when you stumble across a rival pirate ship helmed by four players who want to dominate the high seas just as bad. Look for it to hit the Xbox One and Windows 10 next year.

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