The LumaGlo Crossbelt is a Smart LED Light Sash That Keeps Runners and Cyclists Safe

This new bit of safety tech is more than just a string of LED lights.

Not a fan of safety vests when you go running or cycling at night? LumaGlo thinks they have a brighter idea. Their Crossbelt is a connected string of LED lights that will not only give you more visibility, but adds some useful automated features that can help drivers react properly.

At first blush, you’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes at the Crossbelt — it’s just a string of LED lights! Wrap yourself up in some Christmas tree lights and just be done with it. Fortunately, there’s a bit more to it than that. The lightweight 4.8-ounce sash, which can be worn as a belt or cross-body, can get very bright when used at night and can flash in different patterns more effective at catching the attention of drivers. It’s also adjustable, so it can be worn over backpacks or heavy jackets.

The feature that really makes the Crossbelt interesting is the automated brake lights. When the sash senses that you’ve stopped moving using its built-in accelerometer, it’ll instantly make the lights flash red, notifying drivers that you’ve stopped. It’s not much, but on the road at night, any little thing could help avert disaster.

The LumaGlo team says the Crossbelt will last between three and six hours on one charge — that’s a large range, but ultimately, it will depend the brightness settings you choose for the lights. Even if the battery does die on you, the sash also has a strip of reflective material on it as a backup.

LumaGlo is looking for funding on Kickstarter now, with a goal of $25,000. With the current early bird deal, a Crossbelt can be had for $37 — admittedly, that’s a bit much for a string of LED lights, but the brake light feature might just be enough to make it worth considering.