Here are the 69 New Emoji Coming to Your Text Messages Later This Year

Emoji take a turn for the fantastical this year!

Before we get too far into the year, let’s look back at the most important tech announcement of the year! The Unicode Consortium, the shadowy arbiters of emoji, rendered their final judgment and deemed 69 new emoji worthy of existing for 2017. The Unicode 10.0 update went live earlier this month, and that means it’s only a matter of time before all of these new emoji come to iOS, Android, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you get your emoji.

The banner addition is certainly the shushing emoji, which is going to get a lot of run on Twitter. The monocle emoji will get some love, too, but it’s not going to change the game like the shushing emoji. The vomit emoji, the suspicious/Dwayne Johnson eyebrow emoji, and the mind blown emoji are welcome additions, too. If you want a dark horse for emoji of the year, I’m going to go with the laughing with hand over mouth emoji, which is going to have a guaranteed place on the Twitter battlegrounds. It’s going to be the equivalent of the Duck Hunt dog.

Of course, there are plenty of non-face additions. There are a lot of fantastical creatures this time, with male and female elves, vampires, wizards, genies, and merpeople. New food emoji include chopsticks, broccoli, takeout, and a raw steak, while animals include dinosaurs, a zebra, and a giraffe.

As was introduced last year, all the people emoji will come in different skin tones. That will include the new emoji of a bearded man and a woman in a hijab, along with a woman who is breastfeeding.

Via Refinery29