Your Next Fine Dining Experience Needs to Be at This Cheetos-Themed Restaurant

Celebrity chef Anne Burrell is making Cheetos snazzy at her three-day pop-up restaurant in New York.

You ready to ruin some high-end cloth napkins with insane amount of Cheeto dust? Well, then you’d better get to New York later this month, because that’s where celebrity chef Anne Burrell is cooking up some Cheeto delicacies the likes of which we have never seen before and, realistically, will probably never see again.

By the way, I was just kidding about the getting to New York part — the Spotted Cheetah is already fully booked for all three days, and while you can get on a waiting list, I wouldn’t hold out much hope. The pop-up restaurant, which will open in Tribeca on August 15, will feature Burrell and Frito-Lay dreaming up Cheeto-dusted culinary delights at reasonable prices — hey, for fine dining, $8 to $22 isn’t bad!

So, what can those lucky few who snagged reservations expect? Unsurprisingly,the Cheetos are mostly going to be used as a base for breading. There will be fried tomatoes and pickles in a Cheeto crust, plus a Cheeto-breaded Chicken Milanese. And, naturally, there are Latin-fusion dishes that employ all manner of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos flavors.

Burrell says she was inspired by the wild Cheetos recipes that she’s seen shared on social media, so clearly the nation is full of like-minded culinary geniuses.

Via Fortune