WowWee is Monkeying Around With These Fun Robotic Toys That Cost Just $15

These cute baby monkeys can move, make sounds, and respond to touch.

Which toy is going to win the holiday season this year? It’s too soon to tell, but WowWee definitely just put themselves in the conversation. In fact, at these prices, they might shoot up to the top of the toy world well before Santa can start handing out their new Fingerlings. The tiny baby monkeys can hang out on your finger and respond to touch, but more importantly, they can just sit there and be super cute.

WowWee is no stranger to adding robotics to their toys, but until now, they’ve been a bit bigger and a bit more expensive. Fingerlings are anything but — the tiny robotic monkeys are, appropriately, finger-sized at 5.5″ tall. And believe it or not, they’re wearables! They’re finger-sized for a reason, after all. Fingerlings can be worn like a ring, giving you a robotic companion literally on hand at all hours of the day. I just don’t know how robot dogs are going to compete.

Your pet finger monkey won’t just sit there, though. Using the robotics tech they’ve used in previous toys, WowWee has gotten the Fingerlings to react to touch, motion, and sound with their own movements and sounds. They can tell the difference between a gentle rocking and adventurous swinging, and they’ll swing their tails and move their heads accordingly. And, unlike some of the super robotic-looking dogs out there, these little guys are just too cute to give you the techno-willies.

Not only are the Fingerlings adorable, they’re affordable. WowWee is selling them for $15 each, and they’re giving everyone some incentive to buy one ASAP. In the first week of sales (starting today), WowWee plans to contribute $1 per Fingerling sold to WildAid, a non-profit organization focused on conservation through cracking down on the purchase of items sourced from endangered species. In particular, WowWee wants to help out the creatures that inspired Fingerlings — actual finger monkeys, which were once an at-risk species and are even more insanely adorable than their robot counterparts.

Starting today, you’ll be able to find Fingerlings in toy aisles of Walmart, Target, and Toys ‘R’ Us, and they’ll also be sold on Amazon.

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