Here’s What’s New on Netflix in September

Didn’t catch Belle in theaters? You can be Netflix’s guest later this month.

Well, regular TV is back this month! The networks will all get their good stuff started up again in late September, but you’ll still need something to do while you make sure that your DVR is prepared for the onslaught. Netflix is a little lighter on the originals this month, but they’ve got good news for anyone who’s given up on going to the theaters (use that MoviePass while you can, though) or has the incredible ability to avoid The Walking Dead spoilers until they can properly binge it. We’ve got our picks to tide you over until premiere week, plus a whole list of what’s new on Netflix in September on the last page.

Beauty and the Beast – September 19

If you haven’t seen Disney’s hottest live-action remake yet (and there are so many more to come), you can feel the enchantment in the comfort of your own castle pretty soon. Alternatively, for those who have seen it, you can now watch it every day. Either way, watch it before Disney yoinks it off Netflix in a couple years.

The Walking Dead: Season 7 – September 8

Did you hold off so you can either binge it or bail if it gets boring again? Best part is it doesn’t matter — it’s only fitting that a zombie show is the one that gets fan complaints to no end while continuing to dominate ratings to an absurd degree.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Season One – September 29

We just can’t say it enough — there is nothing, nothing, nothing from the ’90s that cannot be revived in this decade. I remember The Magic School Bus mostly as a thing we watched in elementary school during science time, so I don’t know, I’m not sure if Netflix is the best platform for this. Do you binge Magic School Bus? I’m not sure how to grapple with this, but I know my favorite part is that Kate McKinnon plays Ms. Frizzle’s sister, Ms. Frizzle.

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