34 Geeky Halloween Costumes You Will See Everywhere This Year

We’ve got the best versions of this year’s hot costumes from Talented Internet.

Now that nerd culture is just pop culture, Halloween has pretty rapidly become the only fashion show we really care about. Best part is that with the number of parties going on that week, the particularly creative among us have plenty of excuses to make like three or four costumes. But, if you, like me, are more likely to have an attempt at sewing end in an accidental Pinhead costume, you’ll be glad to know those creative folks are perfectly happy to sell you their fine work. Here are some of the most awesome fan-made geeky Halloween costumes we were able to track down this year — and if you’re looking for some more affordable options, we’ll sprinkle in a few of those, too!

Wonder Woman Costume

We’ve got quite a few different Wonder Woman costumes on here — one for every budget. If you’re planning to funnel your candy budget into costumes, this is the one you want. Unsurprisingly given how incredible it is, it’s sold out for this year’s festivities, but you can still order one and get it after November. I mean, it’s not like there’s a bad time to dress up as Wonder Woman.

VictoriaHofferson/Etsy – $380

Pennywise Costume

Skarsgård Pennywise is going to be hot this year. If you’re going to do extradimensional scary clown, this costume is a fine choice. Neck ruffles included, but bring your own balloon. Even Pennywise probably had to make some trips to Party City.

VioletHouseClothing/Etsy – $338

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