First Pokémon, Soon Harry Potter – Here Are the Four Augemented Reality Games We’re Hoping for Next!

There have been a lot of augmented reality games, but most of them have just involved you staring at some not-that-convincing looking aliens or monsters invading your living room in not-very-dramatic fashion. Pokémon Go completely changed what was possible with augmented reality, bringing the idea outside and giving us all the closest thing to the dream real-life Pokémon experience that we’ve ever gotten.

Pokémon Go mania hasn’t been like it was back when the game launched last year, and while it’s not going to go away, the developer, Niantic, is ready to tackle a new challenge. They announced Harry Potter: Wizards Unite earlier this week, and we got super excited about all the possibilities. But, because we can never focus on one thing for very long (and because the Harry Potter game isn’t out until next year), our attention drifted off to what other worldwide AR games we’d like to see. And oh, the potential we’ve dreamed up!

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