These 7 Enormous Lego Sculptures Are What We Wished We Could Build as Kids

Lego T-Rex Skeleton

Hsun Ying Tsai

Next up is one we’ve actually gotten to see in person! Nathan Sawaya might be the most famous Lego artist of all — since 2007, the former lawyer’s Art of the Brick exhibit has been traveling around the globe, showcasing his Lego sculptures and portraits. We saw the exhibit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2013 and got to talk to Sawaya a bit about his work, including this masterpiece — a 20-foot long T-Rex skeleton! It took Sawaya an entire summer to build, and at first, he wasn’t sure if it was even possible. He told us, “Once I had the skull done, and I thought ‘OK, this could work, then I’ll move on’…and then, if the whole project fell apart, at least I had a cool skull, right?”

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