Make the Holidays Geeky With These 18 Christmas Tree Ornaments

Got a Christmas tree all set up and decorated? You might have the lights and garland up, but there’s no way it’s complete without a bunch of ornaments celebrating the year that was in geekdom. Here are some of the coolest ornaments we’ve found — whether your’re a Star Wars, Marvel, Pokémon, Star Trek, of Game of Thrones fan (or all of the above!), you’re going to find something here that will have a place on your tree for years to come!

The most heroic set of ornaments! Iron Man and Captain America might still need to go on opposite ends of the tree until they get back into the holiday spirit, though.

Sandyx4/Etsy – $15

We love that they added ears and a tail to this super cute Pikachu ornament!

UniqueDesignbyMonica/Etsy – $20

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