The Week in Geek – The Next Star Trek Movie Gets an Unlikely Director, and Who or What Exactly is Detective Pikachu?

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What is Detective Pikachu, and why is he Ryan Reynolds?

You may have recently heard news of a live-action Detective Pikachu movie and been a little confused. Fair enough! Great Detective Pikachu is a Nintendo 3DS game that came out only in Japan last year, and features an oddball Pikachu that can not only talk (don’t worry, it’s nothing like this controversy), but solve crimes. I guess he’s like the shiniest of all shiny Pikachu? I don’t know! Here’s a trailer for the game — it is in Japanese, but I think it will still give you some idea of what’s going on here. Pikachu in a Sherlock hat is really the only justification we need, though.

Whatever the case, obscurity in the United States hasn’t stopped a movie project from barreling forward. Legendary Entertainment picked up the rights in short order last year, and in recent weeks, Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton have been cast as the kids that accompany Detective Pikachu on his adventures. Despite a desperate fan campaign that sought Danny DeVito as the voice of Pikachu, it was confirmed this week that Ryan Reynolds will lend his voice to the movie. To be clear, this is a live-action movie with Pikachu done in CGI — if you were imagining Ryan Reynolds in a Pikachu suit for the entire movie, that will sadly not come to pass.

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