Heartbreak as Lego Officially Spikes the Gilmore Girls Set Idea

Sorry to start your week off with this, but it’s the hard truth — that super rad Gilmore Girls Lego set idea we got excited about last year isn’t happening. The set was submitted to Lego Ideas, a site Lego uses to crowdsource set ideas. Luke’s Diner quickly racked up the 10,000 supporters needed to make it to the official review phase (no surprise there), but it will move no further. Lego revealed the results of their second 2017 review today, and it was a bummer for everyone — none of the six proposed sets will go into production.

The odds weren’t good to begin with — there’s a lengthy list of reasons why a set idea won’t make the cut, which is why we usually see only one or two sets out of a review group make the cut. Those reasons can be because of production constraints, concern about how well the set will sell, or similarity to sets Lego was already planning. But, a lot of ideas (like Luke’s Diner) depend on Lego negotiating licensing deals, which isn’t always easy or cost effective.

But, that doesn’t mean licensed sets never make it. Ideas based on Voltron, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Big Bang Theory, and Wall-E have all made it into production, some of which Lego still sells. In fact, about half of the Lego Ideas sets that have been made are based on some other franchise! They even managed to get a Yellow Submarine set into production, and if you can come to a licensing agreement with The Beatles, anything is possible.

The other rejections are surprising in their own ways. There was a diorama-like set celebrating Peruvian culture and a pretty neat set of the NF-15B research aircraft. Particularly surprising were the space shuttle and Saturn V launch tower sets — Lego has put other NASA-inspired Ideas sets into production before, and the launch tower would have been a companion set to the popular Saturn V rocket Ideas set, which did make it into production. Least surprising was probably the Star Wars set based on the “I am your father” scene from The Empire Strikes Back — Lego has a long history making Star Wars sets, so it was unlikely they were going to add a concept that their internal team hadn’t already greenlit in the past.

What about the future? Lego talked a little about their upcoming third 2017 review, and they had better news there.

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