Banner is a Superhero Dog in a Lot More Ways Than One

Banner the husky doesn’t need to wear a cape to be a superhero — but sometimes she does, anyway. Banner is a medical and psychiatric service dog who uses her powers to help her mom through some tough situations and bark out against cyber-bullying. When she’s not doing that, she’s a pretty great cosplayer! Banner has donned the costumes of heroes and villains alike, running from convention to convention and, undoubtedly, becoming the star of the show. Check out some of her best looks here, then head over to Banner’s Facebook page to learn more about service animals and the real world good Banner and her mom are doing!

Banner the Super Dog/Facebook

Great Rocket Raccoon costume, and the adorable little Baby Groot just makes it perfect!

Banner the Super Dog/Facebook

I don’t know what the doggy equivalent of rum is, but I’m guessing Banner’s not happy that it’s all gone.

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