PUR Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoo & Conditioner

Anti-aging products are everywhere, but I have never heard of an anti-aging product geared towards your hair! PUR attitude’s caviar anti-aging shampoo and conditioner are the very first ones I’ve heard of, and they are quite intriguing. This shampoo and conditioner are supposed to help your hair maintain its youthfulness while keeping it smooth, radiant, and refreshed.

My immediate thoughts were both the shampoo and conditioner smell great! The shampoo smells kind of like almonds, and the conditioner smells like almonds with a hint of cherry. I read the labels and the ingredients are easy to understand which is also something I want in my beauty products, or anything I apply to my body. I also think it’s very cool that this shampoo and conditioner are infused with caviar. That’s definitely unique!

PUR is known for only using safe and natural ingredients in their line of products, so I definitely appreciate that.

It’s also accessibly priced at $28 for the conditioner and $22 for the shampoo. Add that to the fact that you are only supposed to use a small amount at a time, and these bottles will definitely last you.


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Ok, so what’s the verdict?

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