Art Nouveau Final Fantasy Fan Art Proves This Really is the Most Fashionable Video Game Series

Even before the series went 3D with Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy has always held fashion in high regard thanks to Tetsuya Nomura’s always excellent character design. But, in recent years, Final Fantasy’s ties to fashion have gotten a little more literal — Lightning became a Louis Vuitton model, and it’s not totally inaccurate to say that real-world fashion designer Vivienne Westwood was a background character in Final Fantasy XV. All that’s to say fashion in Final Fantasy was already great before the amazingly talented Hannah Alexander got involved. Her knack for art nouveau has made her Final Fantasy fan art simply gorgeous — see for yourself, then check out the rest of her work on her Instagram and Facebook accounts or support her by contributing to her Patreon or browsing her Etsy shop!


Brilliant and beautiful use of a flower motif for Aerith!


Not even for the elegance of the art nouveau style will Cidney let go of the mechanic life.

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