The Foreo UFO is a Beauty Gadget That Could Banish Gooey Sheet Masks for Good

Foreo has made it big by selling some fancy beauty gadgets in the past, tackling toothbrushes, exfoliators, skin care for men, and plenty else. Now, they’re tackling another sticky beauty problem — those soggy sheet masks everyone’s been slapping on their faces. Someone Foreo must have had an infomercial-style ‘there’s got to be a better way!’ moment, because the Foreo UFO purports to do exactly what those masks do in less time and with no mess.

The Foreo UFO still involves sheet masks, but they go over the device, not your face. The treatment involves moving the device around your face while it works its magic — and there’s a lot of magic at work here. The Foreo UFO is well-named, because part of its beauty routine involves shining three different-colored LED lights on your face, which can boost collagen, brighten complexion, and improve circulation. The Foreo UFO also uses both hot and cold temperatures, plus mini pulsations. Those pulsations are no surprise — that kind of treatment has been at the heart of most of Foreo’s beauty gadgets for as long as we can remember.

The amazing thing is that the Foreo UFO can pack in all of those treatments for your entire face in just 90 seconds. If you’re pressed for time and really don’t like the messiness of masks, it sounds like a pretty amazing solution. The only bummer is that it’s not a one-time purchase — you’ll still have to keep buying masks for the device, which range in cost from $2 to $15.

Foreo hopes the real value will be found in how much time their device saves — and if you want to just feel better about not having to wear a super weird mask, that’s just an additional bonus! But, like most Foreo products, this thing doesn’t come cheap. The Foreo UFO has been available on preorder for $279 since Foreo announced it at CES in January and launched a Kickstarter, which is really steep considering you’ll have to keep buying masks, too. But, if it seems like it’s worth the cost, here’s some good news — Foreo plans to start shipping the UFO this month, so you won’t have to wait long to shake up your routine!

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