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I Used The New High Tech Pro-Stride On My Horse & Here’s Why It’s Worth Every Penny

It might sound crazy, but my horses are like my kids! I put everything I have into going above and beyond for them and providing them with the best possible care and quality of life. If one of them gets injured, it wrecks my whole mood and I anxiously worry about them. So when my mare Zoe came up lame, I spiraled into worrying about her pretty much every moment of my day as we worked to figure out the problem. She was only slightly off it seemed, but I was a mess.

We tried chiropractic work, ulcer treatments, acupuncture, massage therapy, joint supplements, Regumate, consulted with our farrier and vets, perfected her training program, and even got a perfectly custom fit saddle for her and nothing alleviated her discomfort entirely. Clearly there was a bigger problem here, so we called in the amazing lameness specialist Dr. Andrea Sotela of Rhinebeck Equine.  

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