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Here’s Why The iPhone X Is Just The Best

I’m not, historically speaking, one of the early adopters of the latest generation of iPhones to arrive. I usually lag behind, read reviews, and check out their latest from one of my friends that just had to have one as soon as it came out. I’m of the opinion that a lot of the iPhones haven’t been that much more exciting than their previous models.

I was one of the first kids to get an iPod, back in 2001. My first phone, however, was a Blackberry and I loved them up until around 2010 when I made the switch to the iPhone 4. From there, it took me about a year after a new iPhone came out to move up to the next version.

I did decide to be one of the first people to get my hands on an iPhone X, because it seemed to be a lot more spectacular than what Apple had been putting out for the past few years. Boy, am I happy I made that decision six months ago! Here’s why the iPhone X is just the best.

With a price tag of $999, I understand why a lot of people are just fine sticking to the iPhone 8, but I definitely don’t have buyer’s remorse. I think the X is the sleekest design Apple has put out yet, and it’s quite a powerful little device.

I also find it quite fun to use every day, although to be honest with you it took me about 2 weeks to get used to the new features, such as the lack of a home screen button, the different way to close out of all your applications, and the facial recognition.

Speaking of facial recognition, the only thing I have to say is be careful when you decide to do that. I completed this step of setting up my iPhone X with a full face of makeup, and let me tell you when I get up in the morning without it, my phone has quite a time recognizing me. Woe is me. That’s definitely the only problem I have with this phone, and it’s my own fault!

When I have my makeup on though, my phone quickly unlocks so the speed is unreal. Having to type in your passcode to unlock your phone seems so dated and slow now!

Nobody has time for this. I’m a girl on the go, so appreciate being able to unlock my phone just by looking at it.

I was concerned about the X being entirely made of glass, but I’ve dropped it plenty of times in a standard iPhone case that is not made to protect, and this thing has yet to break. I think of all the iPhones I’ve gone through, this one is certainly the most reliable in the durability department.

I also appreciate that you can use a wireless charger with the X, so Apple really stepped up to the plate of the future with this detail. By the way, if you haven’t started using wireless chargers, you need to get one. They’re amazing!

The battery life on the X seems to me like the best one Apple has ever made, and after six months of solid use, I don’t think the battery life has taken much of a hit. It still maintains a charge quite well.

I think my absolute favorite feature of the X though is the camera. With all the upgrades Apple has made, the X takes far better photos in low light than any previous models. The colors, textures, and saturation on the photos the X takes also blow any other iPhone photos out of the water.

Apple really outdid themselves on this one! The photos I take on my X are so amazing, I routinely fool professional photographers on social media, who ask me what camera I use to take all my photos. The iPhone X, baby!

I’ve never felt so happy and connected to my phone, and I know that might sound ridiculous in a day and age where everyone is glued to theirs. The X feels like an extension of myself, while also serving as an extension of my office, since I can do absolutely anything I need to on it.