Talsam Isn’t Just Gorgeous & Smart Jewelry: It Could Even Save Your Life, While Keeping You Connected To Your Loved Ones At All Times

In a wearable world, it’s hard to find a standout gadget, but Talsam is just that. However, Talsam isn’t just gorgeous and smart jewelry: it could even save your life, while keeping you connected to your loved ones at all times. Talsam is about to light up your life, and here’s why.

At first look, Talsam’s stylishly unique pieces absolutely look like luxury jewelry. You won’t have to worry about Talsam fitting in with every outfit and look you have, unlike a lot of wearables on the market. Talsam leaves nothing to be desired in the looks department and you can tell they put a lot of care into the way they designed everything they have to offer you.

Their bracelets and necklaces all feature a smart charm that illuminates and vibrates when you receive a message, and they’re made of gold-plated steel, semi-precious stones, and a Swarovski crystal constellation that lights up with LED lights. No luxury was spared in the making of these pieces, and as a consumer it’s refreshing to see a company creating such a standout product that will surely hold up to everyday wear.

Yes, Talsam’s line is highly attractive, but it’s also practical. You can wear every charm as either a bracelet or necklace; you pick! The versatility they offer is second to none, in addition to the services Talsam offers as well.

So what makes Talsam so exciting aside from the fact that you can wear it like your finer pieces of jewelry? It doubles as a personal safety device, but you can also receive personal, private messages as you wear it.

First, let’s talk about the SOS factor

You simply hold down the side of the button on the charm for 5 seconds and an SOS message is sent to your loved one. The charm vibrates after the message was sent so you know it went through. Your loved one then receives an email and an SMS text about your location and an automated phone call.
It’s so convenient and easy to use this personal safety feature. These days, you can never be too safe, so having a wearable that could potentially save your life on your arm or around your neck is a worthwhile investment.

Next, what is this personal, private messaging Talsam comes with?

Talsam makes it possible for you to receive personal, private messages if you’re the one wearing the device. When you get a message, you have to authenticate your identity before you can then view the message in the app. It’s an exciting and special way to communicate with someone you love.

Another one of a kind feature that Talsam comes with is their message tagging feature. You can tag every message you receive with one of their five emotions they offer: thankful, loved, amused, optimistic, or happy. Every emotion correlated to a color and specific emoji. You can select a view of your feed of messages you have received or your Moment Stream, which filters out the messages you tag.

Simply tap one of the emojis to have a message replayed for you that made you feel a certain way. So, if you want to feel happy, select one of the happy emojis to view a message your loved one sent you that made you feel happy.

Chip Chick catches up with Omar, the founder of Talsam:

What was your inspiration behind starting Talsam?

I’ve been living away from most of my loved ones for the last 18 years of my life. I grew up in Dubai and moved to the US in 1999. I’ve been here ever since, while most of my friends and family stayed in Dubai. There was a period a few years ago, when I even did long distance with my girlfriend for 2 years. She was in Dubai while I was in New York. I did my best to make her feel cared for, messaging constantly, sending flowers and gifts, and even organizing a singing telegram once. But, it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t a fan of relying on text messaging, social media or email to communicate with her. None of these channels felt personal to me, let alone private. It all came to a head when I was struggling to come up with new gift ideas for her. All these experiences together inspired me to create Talsam, a giftworthy piece of jewelry that offers a more intimate way to connect with someone you love.

What is your favorite aspect of the brand or product line?

The branding and design. We put a lot of effort into creating a product that people would want to wear. We did hours and hours of research, worked with different jewelry designers, and ran several focus groups to translate the original concept into something wearable. We built Talsam to be jewelry first and only started to work on the electronics after we had finalized the design. We put a lot of thought into all the charm details, like the two rings at either end that enable the charm to be worn as a bracelet or necklace, and the meaning behind the Swarovksi constellation, which was modeled on an actual constellation, called Lyra. We even studied the properties and meaning of different semi-precious stones when choosing the final set for our inaugural line. So because I know how much work went into all the details, styling, and overall quality of the charm, these are my favorite aspects. 

What do you aim to accomplish in the next year?

Our top priority for the coming year is to deliver Talsam to all our backers in February, ahead of Valentine’s Day. Our backers were willing to take a chance on supporting a new product that they would wait months to receive, so this is the bare minimum we can do for them. We’re launching our online store right after the Kickstarter campaign closes and will continue to take preorders until we begin manufacturing later this year. We aim to place Talsam in some of the top department and luxury goods stores in the country within the next year. We’d also like to partner with select jewelry designers and influencers on special collaborations.

The bottom line:

The bottom line is that Talsam makes a perfect gift for yourself and someone you love and care for dearly. The personalization, connectivity, and safety that Talsam offers is something every woman should take advantage of, and the best part is it’s so beautiful you will want to put it on every day and carry it with you.
Talsam is an especially perfect present for my cousin who is headed off to college and will be away from home for the first time, my friend who has an active dating life and frequently meets up with guys she meets online, my sister who is moving to a new city all by herself, and my neighbor who works late nights as a nurse and then has to walk out to the parking lot at night all alone.
You can check out more information on Talsam and get one of their amazing wearables for yourself here!
All images courtesy of Talsam