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Your Guide To All The Gifts You Won’t Believe Walmart Has This Black Friday

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Black Friday is a perfect time to start your holiday shopping, so you’re not left with getting it all accomplished last minute! I used to be part of the last minute crowd when I was younger, but I grew into getting good at picking my gifts for my friends and family on Black Friday.

Waiting to get gifts until the last minute is stress you don’t need for the holiday season and anyway, this is an easy to day to appreciate: the whole point is to bring you the best products, and at a great value. If you’re an avid Chip Chick reader, you already know I love sharing the latest and greatest products with you!

I was thrilled to get to experience the amazing selection of quality items Walmart has for you this Black Friday. I hand selected everything in my guide for you because it’s an exciting gift to get, no matter who you have on your list.

Whether online or in store, Walmart makes it easy to pick up something for everyone; from your best friend, to the man in your life, to your favorite kids! They even have an app to help you find everything in stores, which I’ll explain more about below, as well as bright balloons that help you get to the aisle you need.

Here’s my guide to all the gifts you won’t believe Walmart has!

Call Of Duty WWII

For the man in your life, Call Of Duty WWII is the perfect holiday pick! If you have a gamer guy, there’s just nothing better. The graphics in this game are astounding, making it seem like everything is happening in real life.

The game transports you straight to the beaches in Normandy during World War II. It’s a realistic experience that will pretty much appeal to any man on your list that enjoys playing video games, and it’s available on PlayStation4 or Xbox One.

$25 at Walmart

Frigidaire Portable Retro 6-can Mini Fridge

This amazing retro gift is a Frigidaire Portable Retro 6-can Mini Fridge that fits six soda cans! This mini fridge is the perfect gift for your entrepreneurial girlfriends who work from home, and I’m definitely getting one for all my friends with a home office.

This is a great way to make a desk more exciting all throughout the year! You can also pack it with snacks and it features a little window that’s see-through and a little latch that really locks in place.

$19.92 at Walmart

Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage Girls 6V Ride-On Toy by Huffy & Unicorn Plush

For every little girl on your list, the Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage Girls 6V Ride-On Toy by Huffy and this beautiful stuffed unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail are perfect picks.

Every single little girl I know would just love to receive one of these gifts. I mean, my own inner child can’t get over how cool these are!

The Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage Girls 6V Ride-On Toy by Huffy is a way to ride around the backyard in style, with princess sounds, a place to put her drink, and Disney Princess graphics.

The stuffed unicorn is so big and amazing. It’s a super soft, cuddly new friend that will look great in every little girl’s room!

Unicorn Plush $20 at Walmart

Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage Girls 6V Ride-On Toy by Huffy $98 at Walmart

Better Homes & Gardens 7 Piece Frame Set

What do you get your stylish best friend that has kind of everything? This pack of gorgeous and glamorous gold metal frames. It’s available in two different colors and has 7 pieces in the pack.

That’s right, they’re actually made of metal, not plastic! Elegant, sturdy, and beautifully textured, they’re a perfect addition to your best friend’s home and holiday.

$19.92 at Walmart

Board Games

For your fun loving bestie, these nostalgic board games are a great holiday gift! I’m also getting them for all my cousins who enjoyed them growing up, because they’re an exciting throwback to childhood fun that you can recreate as an adult.

We tend to get really wrapped up in our tech devices, and board games are a great reminder to do something different, entertaining, and even relaxing!

Bust them out for game night next time your friends are over too! With Clue, Sorry!, Monopoly Cheaters Edition, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Life, and Battleship, there’s something for everyone here!

$10 each at Walmart

Pioneer Woman 5 Quart Portable Slow Cooker Blossom Jubilee

Who doesn’t love The Pioneer Woman? Well, everyone I know loves her, and all my girlfriends who love cooking especially do! So, this uniquely designed crockpot from Hamilton Beach and The Pioneer Woman is what I’m getting for all my girlfriends who aspire to be chefs after hours.

What I think is truly special about this crock pot aside from the fact that The Pioneer Woman herself (Ree Drummond) helped pick out the print, is that it’s an eye-catching design!

Florals are just not something you see every day in your kitchen, and this print is a way to really brighten up that room in your home all year ’round.

$15 at Walmart

Walmart is sure to be your favorite place to shop for all your friends and family this Black Friday! With an incredible selection of the hottest new products for the season everyone on your list is sure to love, along clever ways to help you find everything you need in stores with the Walmart app, you can just eliminate all the stress that comes with Black Friday through shopping exclusively at Walmart.

I personally love that Walmart made an app for that, and I also love how easy to use the app is. Simply download the Walmart App from the app store, open it up, click on Map Your Deals, and the locations of the items you’re looking for in your local Walmart store will show up.

Another neat in store feature is the color-coding system they are implementing for every Walmart department. Black Friday is sure to be a breeze with this clever color-coding, and Walmart even has brightly colored balloons to help you easily find each department location you’re looking for.

Black Friday does begin at 6PM, on Thursday, November 22nd, except where prohibited by law. Check your local store for hours.