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Don’t Be Basic This Season! 5 Holiday Party Themes Better Than Ugly Sweater

Written by Bre Avery and Caroline Carpenter

With the holidays right around the corner that means one thing – holiday parties. I’m personally a huge fan of the holidays, and parties in general. So, when you combine them together I’m basically in heaven.

However, one thing I’m super over are Ugly Sweater Parties. There are tons of other holiday themes that are way better and more original than Ugly Sweater. Here are five holiday party themes that will definitely top your fri-enemy’s Ugly Sweater party.

Apres Ski 


Haven’t you ever had a dream that you were in Aspen partying at Cloud Nine? Only, to wake up and realize that you’re not in Aspen, you’re in Manhattan and you’re late for work? Yeah, same.

Anyway, since you can’t actually go to Aspen, throwing an Apres Ski party is the next best thing. Have everyone dress in their best ski lodge attire – cute jackets, matching hats, scarves, trendy snow boots, and those cute fur ear bands.

If you plan right, you can even do it on a rooftop during a snowy day to really add to the affect. Can I suggest serving boozy hot chocolate?

A Cozy Night In 


You know those nights where you don’t actually feel like putting on your tight mini dress and jamming your feet into those stilettos? Me either, and I love getting dress up. However, there’s some people who don’t.

So, throwing a cozy night in party complete with everyone wearing their cutest flannels, blankets thrown everywhere, holiday movies in the background and twinkle lights all over – sounds like a dream come true.

Since it’s not a formal party you can serve a bunch of different popcorns, cookies, and warm beverages.


I love the holidays so this one is hard for me to completely grasp, but, some people don’t. So, the idea of an anti-holiday party is ideal for some people.

For this party, have all of your friends come dressed in black (but looking chic of course), get some not so great Christmas lights, put antlers on animals that aren’t reindeer, and have some cute anti-holiday beverages.

Think of it like those “I hate Valentine’s Day” parties that people throw.

Winter Get-Away 


The one thing that is not great about the holidays is just how cold it gets. I mean seriously, I love Christmas but I cannot stand the cold weather.

If you’re looking for a way to forget about the dreary winter then I suggest throwing a tropical themed party. Have everyone wear either Hawaiian shirts, beach attire, or even a bikini if they want (except one-pieces are really making a return), and serve up some tropical drinks.

Play some island music, and get your beach bag ready!

Holiday Recovery Brunch 

The holidays can be long and taxing. Once everyone gets back from visiting their family, throwing a recovery brunch where everyone can drink and gossip about their crazy families is perfect!

My family holidays always end up with a super entertaining twist, that’s usually an amazingly funny story for my friends.

What better way to share it then meeting up over mimosas and pancakes?