Police Think Alexa May Be The Key To Solving A Murder

On January 27, 2017 Timothy Veril murdered Christine Sullivan and her friend Jenna Pellegrini in Christine’s kitchen. Shortly after the stabbings, Timothy was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder. It is believed that he murdered the women because he was fearful they were going to report a drug operation he was involved with. Not shockingly, he plead not guilty to both counts of murder.


State prosecutors are trying to prove Timothy’s guilt and are taking a rather unconventional approach in doing so. Prosecutors allege that Alexa, a virtual assistant created by Amazon, may be able to help uncover the truth about what happened on that dreaded day in January.

During the murders, Alexa was on the kitchen counter. It is believed that Alexa may have recorded the entire murder – including removing the bodies and hiding them underneath the front porch.

Now the judge in charge of Timothy’s case, is demanding that Amazon turn over any recordings that Alexa may have taken from the day Christine and Jenna were killed. In a formal statement made to Amazon the judge’s order explained that what Alexa recorded “contains evidence of crimes committed against (Christine), including the attack and possible removal of the body from the kitchen.”

These recordings would provide proof as to whether Timothy is guilty or not. However, Amazon is not making it easy for the court to obtain the recordings. A spokesperson for the Amazon explained that the company “will not release customer information without a valid binding legal demand properly served on us.”

Amazon wants to protect the information and privacy of their customers- which is understandable. Looking at this as a bigger picture, the information Amazon is withholding would provide almost immediate closure for the families of Christine and Jenna.

In addition, it would help get a murderer off the streets. One can only hope that Amazon will end up providing the recordings.